Technical report on the definition of the proposed concept, content and methodology

iBRoad2EPC aims to integrate Building Renovation Passport (BRP) elements into existing EPC schemes in order to provide to users the following added values:

  • Improvement of the renovation recommendations in alignment with national building climate targets
  • Outline of an individual building long-term renovation strategy considering
    • Step-by-step renovations that gradually lead to a consistent deep renovation
    • Avoidance of mistakes through early preparation of later renovation measures
    • Alignment with overarching national building targets
    • Fulfillment of future legal requirements and obligations (e.g., ban of fossil fuels, minimum energy performance standards)
  • Enhanced quality through the obligatory nature of an on-site visit by a trained expert
  • Additional indicators (e.g., IEQ, SRI)

The basic questions which iBRoad2EPC thereby aims to answer are:

  • What: technical description of renovation measures to carry out in an individual building
  • When: likely time span to implement the measures
  • How: technical specifications of the measures to align them with the national targets for the building sector
  • What to beware of: legal obligations which will have to be fulfilled
  • What to pay attention to: specifications how to prepare for later steps in order to avoid lock-in situations and achieve deep renovation standards

 The content and depth of these answers depend on the implementing countries´ requirements and market conditions. To this end, iBRoad2EPC follows a semi-flexible approach, in which a unified Basic Module can be complemented flexibly with additional modules through a modular design that allows Member States to decide where in the spectrum between the EPC and the BRP they want to place iBRoad2EPC and adopt a progressive approach.

Based on the conceptualisation report which derived the key principles and features of iBRoad2EPC from market analyses conducted in six countries (Bulgaria, Greece, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Spain), the current report presents the concrete concept and methodology for the technical implementation of iBRoad2EPC’s basic and additional modules, the iBRoad2EPC Assistant, the iBRoad2EPC output pages, the graphical design, as well as ways in which iBRoad2EPC is designed to fit into the existing national “ecosystem” of building and energy related instruments such as EPC software, building databases, funding, etc.

The report was updated in July 2023.

iBRoad2EPC in depth
iBRoad2EPC in depth