Using iBRoad2EPC for staged renovation design and construction

Building Renovation Passports are gaining more and more visibility as a tool with excellent potential to stimulate renovation action across Europe. Bridging the Building Renovation Passport with the EPC will lead to improved reliability, usefulness and effectiveness, thereby establishing the next generation of EPCs. To raise awareness of building professionals around EPC-integrated Building Renovation Passports and support their upskilling, according to their role in the investment process, for on-site application of the measures and specifications described in the EPC-integrated Building Renovation Passports, a set of training materials have been prepared by the iBRoad2EPC project.

The training materials are organised in 8 topics as follows:

  1. Identify opportunities for energy savings
  2. Interpret iBRoad2EPC and the underlying documentation  
  3. Step-by-step recommendations  
  4. Explain the project proposal to different specialist/stakeholders
  5. Manage and oversee the project implementation
  6. Components of the building envelope, ensuring optimal airtightness and elimination of thermal bridges
  7. Heating, cooling, ventilation, and DHW system
  8. Relationship between building systems and building envelop  

The training materials are available above in PDF format. They are also available upon request in the form of annotated presentations (PPTX including notes) to be used freely in the training curriculums for construction experts of professional training, education and vocational institutions. Interested organisations can contact iBRoad2EPC at